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Packaging Guidelines

It is best to use the original packaging. If you no longer have this you can use a strong cardboard box and quality bubble wrap. You must package properly, do NOT post without sufficient packaging as your return will be refused if the item is damaged on its way back to us. 

  1. Protect the corners / edges

Please make sure all four corners and the edges are covered with the original polystyrene packing or a thick layer of bubble wrap.

  1. Cover in bubble wrap / polystyrene

If using non original packaging please ensure all sides of the item should are double bubble wrapped to close any gaps and ensuring a secure fit in the box.

Plugs and other accessories should be wrapped.

  1. Box item

Once the item is adequately packaged, it needs to be placed in the original box, or a box of similar size. Please use extra packaging to ensure the items are secure inside the box and can’t move around.

  1. Tape up

All boxes must be securely taped on the top AND bottom to prevent the item falling out or parts going missing.


If you fail to follow the Packaging Guidelines and as a result the product is damaged on its way back to us, we will not be able to determine whether the product was defective before you sent it, and your return will be refused.

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